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Contrary to popular belief, California does indeed get cold, but because of this state's fame and reputation, people forget that the weather can turn cold. Oftentimes, many homeowners and businesses in the Palm Springs area do not even consider buying a heating unit until it get to a very low temperature, which it certainly does. And those who do buy heating units will often neglect and maintain them poorly, leading to costly and annoying repairs. Our team of advanced heating technicians here at Big J’s Air Conditioning & Heating’s heating service team can do all facets of heating work- from installation to maintenance, and repair for commercial and residential buildings. Schedule an appointment with us for the best heating service in Palm Springs, CA!

Residential and Commercial Heating Services

At Big J’s Air Conditioning & Heating, we not only provide air conditioning service, we offer heating service too! We handle both residential heating, commercial heating. Thanks to our extensive experience, our expert staff is able to offer customers lots of options to fit any budget and need. We carry the most trusted brands in the industry, so customers can be sure to receive a quality product at a great price. These units are also energy-efficient, saving customers even more money in the long run.

In addition to heating installation, our heating service professionals offer heating repair to our residential and commercial customers. We provide timely and efficient service to bring heating units back to working order. Thanks to our top heating service, customers are able to quickly go back to enjoying the warmth and comfort of their spaces. At Big J’s Air Conditioning & Heating, we guarantee your restored heating unit will run smoothly for many more years.

We have certified heating technicians who can expertly install, maintain, and repair an extensive range of commercial and residential heating units. The service that we provide is affordable and efficient- we are unmatched in the area. For quality heating service, reach out to Big J’s Air Conditioning & Heating!