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To be without a working air conditioning unit is extremely an extremely frustrating thing to bear. It's too hot to go outside and the only place for solace from the sun is in the inside of your hot and sweltering home. It's in times like this that a working air conditioning system would be a very useful thing to have. The experts at Big J’s Air Conditioning & Heating can take care of all your air conditioning repair needs. We have thirty-six years of experience in the industry and throughout those years, we have helped residential customers extend the life of their air conditioning units many fold. Give us a call today for expert air conditioning repair in Palm Springs, CA.

We do many things for our customers here at Big J’s Air Conditioning & Heating. Not only do we do an excellent job at installing air conditioning units, but we also do superior work when it comes to administering air conditioning repairs. We always make sure to keep our promise - "While the outdoor weather is beyond your control, Big J's ensures that the indoor forecast is always entirely up to you." We promise reliable air conditioning repair service when you need it. Our goal is to keep customers comfortable in their indoor spaces.

Diagnosing Problems and Troubleshooting Repairs

When we perform work for your home, our skilled technicians will inspect and diagnose the source of the problem and provide you with options to meet your needs and budget. We are highly trained to manage all types of conditions and scenarios when it comes to maintaining, fixing or installing air cooling units. Our technicians receive continuous training and education in air conditioning repair and maintenance.

Big J’s Air Conditioning & Heating is dedicated to providing outstanding air conditioning repair services . Our expert technicians are certified and receive the best training to handle all air conditioning repair jobs. We offer customized options to meet your needs and budget. Trust us with your air conditioning repair needs!